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New Year's Eve menu

Available from 17.00

A table reservation is required


Tartare of marinated trout _____28,00 zł
Pate of venison with cranberry dip and sweet pear _____16,00 zł
Classic beef tenderloin tartare with egg yolk _____41,00 zł
Arugula salad with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and gherkins and grilled beef strips _____41,00 zł
Grilled celery in carrots “greek style” (vege) _____16,00 zł


Soup of fishermen – fish soup with vegetables, soured with cream (optional) and lemon _____40,00 zł

Cream of tomatoes on white wine with mushroom dumplings _____25,00 zł

Main course

Sturgeon steak stewed in white wine and toasted with sour cream and butter _____45,00 zł

Filet of goose sous vide with date sauce _____50,00 zł

Courgette tagliatelle (vege) _____28,00 zł

side dishes

Steak fries _____10,00 zł

Yam piure _____12,00 zł

Chickpea piure _____12,00 zł

Potato piure _____10,00 zł

Salad with spinach leaves, rocket and iceberg lettuce with vinaigrette _____16,00 zł

Grilled vegetables (peppers, aubergines, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, onions) _____20,00 zł

Coleslaw of red cabbage, beetroot and apple with oil and lemon _____16,00 zł

Red cabbage – stewed red cabbage with apples and smoked bacon _____16,00 zł


Cheesecake with nuts and lemon icing _____16,00 zł

Tiramisu _____16,00 zł

A board of regional cheeses (Frontier ranch) – 150 gr – 300 gr – 450 gr _____40,00 zł-80,00 zł-120,00 zł