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Menu for the 1st day of the New Year

available from 17.00

table reservation required


Fried freshwater fish in sweet and sour herb marinade with apple vinegar _____26,00 zł

New Zealand mussels baked with farmer blue cheese _____34,00 zł

Herring in curry sauce with egg, gherkin and capers in light mayonnaise sauce with orange juice _____26,00 zł

Vegetable curry _____26,00 zł


Bouillabaisse – fish and seafood soup _____45,00 zł

Beetroot cream with a bite of white goat cheese _____18,00 zł

Main course

Roasted zander in grape leaves with butter, wine and lemon sauce _____40,00 zł

Perch fillets fried in butter with garlic _____40,00 zł

Rabbit legs stewed in white wine with black olives _____40,00 zł

Risotto with wild mushrooms _____28,00 zł

side dishes

Steak fries _____10,00 zł

Yam piure _____12,00 zł

Chickpea piure _____12,00 zł

Potato piure _____10,00 zł

Salad with spinach leaves, rocket and iceberg lettuce with vinaigrette _____16,00 zł

Grilled courgette with garlic and lemon _____16,00 zł

Mizeria” salad of green cucumber with dill and cream _____12,00 zł


Standard dessert menu

A board of regional cheeses (Frontier ranch) – 150 gr – 300 gr – 450 gr _____40,00 zł-80,00 zł-120,00 zł